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Our Services

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Leadership Academy

Dynamic leadership development training sessions offered to colleges and universities that are looking to enhance the leadership capabilities of faculty and staff members with customized leadership content that encourages more effective job performance and career enhancement!

  • Customized leadership development training and employee support for your educational organization’s needs

  • Customized skill set development within an educational context

  • Intensive weekly training sessions

  • Collaborative leadership training environment

  • Dynamic integration of cutting edge leadership theory and industry practice

  • Explorations into leading authentically

  • Integration of group dynamics in our learning model

Staff Development Program

This program is for organizations who seek to invest in their support staff by providing job related strategies that work to improve, influence and intentionally innovate toward further organizational success.

  • Comprehensive and efficient meeting preparation

  • Business communication

  • Long-term strategic planning

  • Impactful presentation skills

  • Effective communication practices

  • How to run an effective meeting

  • Exploration of Authentic and Adaptive Leadership across organizational environments

  • Explorations in group dynamics

  • And lots more!

Building A Powerful Team

This learning experience is designed to facilitate a group of individuals through the process of Team Development. During this program participants will experience the synergistic benefits of teamwork during the session. Topics include:

  • Practice Communicating Positively Team Members

  • Employ Techniques to Establish, Build, and Restore Trust

  • How to Manage Changes within the Team and Organization

  • A Discussion on Motivation

  • Identify Tactics that Lead to Quality Project Results

  • Create and Build Strong, Positive Relationships with Team Members

  • Communicate Critical Decisions Across Organizational/Functional Lines

  • Develop and implement an effective team building action plan

  • What Makes a Team

  • Stages of Team Development of a High-Performance Team

  • Building Trust

  • Shared Problem Solving and Decision Making

  • Performance Management

  • Conflict management

  • Improving Employee Morale

  • Meyer-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment

Training Format Customized for 8 hours & 16 hours

Coaching As A Leadership Tool

Coaching is a critical skill used for the development, growth, and performance of team members. This learning experience teaches managers and supervisors how to effectively coach team members - not just manage them. Appropriate coaching of team members will increase productivity, create an environment of trust and deliver better bottom-line results. The right coach can help accelerate learning, improve critical thinking skills, communication and engagement within a team while increasing self-awareness. Topics include:

  • Traditional leadership Mindset vs. a coaching mindset

  • Establishing an Effective coaching Plan

  • Linking Coaching goals to Business Performance

  • Building Trust

  • Determining when Coaching is Appropriate

  • Demonstrating active listening, "powerful" questioning, and effective communication techniques.

Training Format Customized for 8 hours, 16 hours & 32 hours

Frontline Management (For Supervisors & Leads)

This is an 8-week course designed to be delivered virtually or in-person twice per week for an 8-week period. Each subject will have two classes for a total of 6 hours of instruction. The certificate will cover the following areas:

  • Leadership Communications.

  • Performance Management Setting and Achieving

  • Goals Giving and receiving Feedback

  • Writing Business Emails

  • Business Ethics

  • How to get it all done! Managing Your Time

  • From Buddy to Boss

  • Effective Planning

Other programs available:

  • Job Readiness Coaching

  • One-day Consulting Services

  • First Time Supervisors (From Buddy to Boss)

  • Leadership in Action 

  • Working The Generations In The Workplace

  • Writing Effective Business Emails

  • New Rules For Customer Service

  • Leadership Intensive Program

  • Operations Management

  • Diversity, Equality and Inclusion 

  • Strategic Planning 

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